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Keynote Topics

Below are some of FC's most requested topics and talks.


How I rob banks

An eye-opening, informative and entertaining session that takes you on a light-hearted trip through the security issues, both physical and electronic, that have enabled this ethical hacker and social engineer to compromise the world’s largest banks and organisations. Using tales from the front line, FC takes you through the lessons to be learned from an ethical hacker with a penchant for breaking into the impossible. Join him on a rollercoaster ride of epic security fails and grandiose plans, including lock picking, kidnap, police chases and multi-million-pound bank heists.


The (nation) state of cyber security

This talk brings the audience up to speed on the cutting edge of cybercrime. What is the current state of the possible if you are not just a hacker, but a nation-state backed hacker group that has nearly unlimited resources? FC leverages his work within the intelligence and defense communities and brings to light the most

recent attack vectors.

"FC delivered an excellent presentation... he engaged and entertained our guests"
Richard Benton, Brit Insurance


How a hack works:
Spearphishing with demo

Year on year, phishing attacks keep on growing. In this session, we discuss and demonstrate the who, how and why of social engineering. We cover how phishing attacks work, the human factors behind them and what we can do to mitigate against them. Including a demonstration of a spear-phishing email attack (from the attacker and victim side), this session demystifies cyber insecurity and tackles both the human and technical elements at play.

This presentation can be delivered in partnership with Dr Jessica Barker.


How a hack works:

Ransomware with demo

For the last few years, ransomware attacks have continued to rise. Often untargeted, and unforgiving, research suggests that the majority of victims pay the ransom – and, consequently, the payments being demanded continue to grow. we explore what ransomware is, how it is spread and what individuals and organisations can do to protect themselves from it. Including a demonstration of a ransomware attack, this session enables participants to understand one of the biggest current cyber security threats and what they can do immediately to safeguard data against it.


This presentation can be delivered in partnership with Dr Jessica Barker.


Artificial Intelligence broken down

This talk gives a great overview of the state of AI, covering the good the bad and the ugly of AI driven technologies. Find out how they work, where they work and how they are being hacked. FC uses his expertise to take apart many of the myths around AI and helps generate a discussion around the use of AI and its future problems.


Your Title Here?

Don't want an off the shelf talk? Pitch an idea for FC to talk about. FC has experience in all areas of cyber security and physical security. From small businesses through to the nation state level he will be able to craft a presentation just right for you and your audience. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas.

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